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Whoops, so I got tagged by  :iconauroremaudite09: /WHY CAN'T I TAG YOU/ /ok, it's working/
Maybe a bit late, but I wasn't active

1. Tell 13 things about yourself
2. Answer the 13 questions given to you by the tagger (honestly, please)
3. Give out 13 questions for the people you are going to tag
4. Tag 13 people using either : icon playername : or @ playername (remove the spaces and use 'preview' to make sure they are correct)
5. Please do not tag people back, most people are very busy.
6. You can choose whether you want to do questions or tell things about yourself first, but please put the people you are tagging and their questions at the bottom of the entry.


1. I don't know what to write here
2. I believe in ghosts, demons and other bullshits
3. Maybe I'm a bit an atheistic satanist (I won't eat your cat, don't worry! Atheistic satanism isn't about praying to satan)
4. I'm a Terraria player (my computer doesn't like me, so I play on console mostly </3)
5. I like rodents
6. I practise a lucid dreaming. In the future I want to give a try in OOBE, but I'm scared af
7. I'm very scared of small spiders, but tarantulas are nice and I'd like to scratch it, wtf me????
8. As a child, I caught a butterfly and I named it Max. My grandma sat on him :''''''^(
9. I tried to create a tulpa, but I failed at it
10. On my brother's communion, I drew Karkat and Dave from Homestuck on balloons and they were looking at everyone eating
11. I don't spend much time with my peers, I like being alone in my room
12. I want to do a cosplay of Dave from Homestuck  Dave Strider by daronekhei
13. I spent too much time doing this


1. What is your astrological sign?
Answer: Gemini

2. What kind of films do you like the most?
Answer: Sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural

3. Do you prefer reading a good book or listening to nice music?
Answer: Just listening to music is boring, I'd choose reading a book

4. Would you rather save a pet or a baby?
Answer: Both. Both is good

5. Is your username your real name? 
Answer: Nope

6. Are you more of a Fnaf fan or Undertale fan ?(or wich one do you prefer?
Answer: I like FNAF more than Undertale, but both fandoms are shitty X-D

7. Have you ever read a Manga?
Answer: No, no, no, I don't like Japanese culture and everything related

8. What was your first OC?
Answer: Uh, that's hard to tell. A very long time ago, when I didn't know what OCs are, I tried to do a character that looked like Teensie from Rayman, but I thought that was stupid, so I threw it to a trash can, sad

9. What do you think of me?(lol dunno what to ask --')
Answer: You're a nice person!

10. How many pets do you have? (or what do you wanna have for pet?)
Answer: I've got a dog, 2 hamsters, 2 rats, fishes and a parrot

11. Are you allergic to something?
Answer: Dust, some mushrooms (or just mould, I don't know)

12. Why did you choose to come on DA? 
Answer: Eeeeer, I don't really know

13. How are you feeling now?

I don't have anyone to tag
  • Drinking: Tea


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